Single-Cell In Situ Spatial Omics at Subcelluar Resolution

Convergence and Disruption of the Molecular Diagnostics Market

Single-Cell In Situ Spatial Omics at Subcelluar Resolution (SCISSOR)

The SCISSOR program is a 4-year A*STAR funded National flagship Program that places Singapore at the forefront of an entirely new market space of molecular diagnostics. SCISSOR is an amibitious program with an exciting core technology and a strong team of experts (researchers, clinicians, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and business development leaders) nationwide and across the globe.

SCISSOR leverages a disruptive Spatial Omics (SO) technology called mFISH (multiplexed error robust FISH), that was originally developed by a scientist now at GIS, and further refined by multiple GIS teams. The advantage of this technology is that, it multiplexes traditional imaging-based Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) technique to simultaneously profile thousands of DNA and RNA targets, while retaining a tissue spatial context. This novel spatial technology empowers convergence of diverse assays within a single platform that is fully compatible with existing pathology workflows in labs and clinics.

SCISSOR Partner Institutes


mFISH in Sarcoma Diagnostics

Assay Development for pan-diagnosis of chromosomal aberrations in sarcoma.

mFISH based Immunotherapy status tracking

RUO reagent kit and services for characterizing tumor microenvironment and immunotherapy biomarker discovery

Liquid biopsy using mFISH

RUO reagent kit and services for liquid biopsy using blood cell.